One, two. They’re coming for you. Three, four. Can’t lock the door. Five, six. Better watch those clicks. Seven, eight. It’s not too late. Nine, ten. You can learn to defend.

Ransomware attacks can feel like a waking nightmare. Though some nightmare monsters are easily distinguishable by scarred faces and knives for hands, cyber criminals anonymously terrorize their victims and are harder to spot.

With an average of 4,000 attacks per day, ransomware has become the number one cybersecurity risk in the world. Yet, many businesses do not have the resources in place to fend off cybercriminals, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Many businesses prefer to stay oblivious and only wake up after they’re a victim of an attack. This can cost you your business and hard-earned customer trust.

Prevent the waking nightmare that ransomware can become for your company. Join the TPx experts to learn:

  • What is ransomware and what to do if attacked,
  • Why is it such a threat for companies,
  • How to minimize your risks,
  • And what can you do to defend yourself from cybercriminals.


Thursday October 21st, 2021


1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT


Use this link to join the webinar


Please connect through your computer speakers and microphone or dial in:  (415) 655-0003 with Access Code: 2453 715 7612

Speaker: Jonathan Goldberger
Senior VP, Security Practice & Strategic Sales, TPx

Jonathan Goldberger is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 25 years of success spanning security and technology roles.

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